Cosmetic Tattoos

Restore and enhance your beauty



Semi-permanent make-up tattoos are very popular for eyebrows, enabling people with sparse hair to achieve a thicker appearance, you can also opt for ómbre, powder-brows, or a combi...  more  


Whether you are looking for a bold or subtle result to enhance your beautiful eyes, you can choose for a range of techniques to achieve the best outcome.  more  


You can give your lips volume, definition, or symmetry with semi-permanent make-up tattoo by Cleo’s Clinic. There are so many options and ideas to choose from.  more  


Cosmetic tattoos can help camouflage scars, stretch marks, pigmentation irregularities, bald spots and correct discolouration.  more  

Areola Restoration

This is a three dimensional tattoo, which replicates the nipple. This is especially popular with breast cancer survivors, and people with surgical scars.  more  

Tattoo Removals

If you have a previous cosmetic tattoo, or small body tattoo that you would like removing, Cleo’s Clinic is here to help.  more