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I am Ursula Smail, the owner of Cleo’s Clinic. I have been a tattoo artist since 1997 when I completed an apprenticeship, and have been performing cosmetic tattoos since 2001. I moved to the United Kingdom in 2002, and since then have been performing cosmetic tattoos and medical tattoos in Bath and the surrounding area for a wide range of clients. These tattoos are my passion, and I find great satisfaction in improving someone’s outlook and confidence in their own appearance through my work.


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Cosmetic Tattoos in Bath






Ursula did my lips, eyebrows and eyes. She has an artistic eye and is very good at what she does.

Janus, Bristol

Ursula helped me choose the perfect colour blend and then also took the time to sketch my lips and eyebrows. She was very patient with my requests and she took her time until I felt certain with the final sketch. I really appreciated this and the results.

Carol, Bristol

My eyebrows look soft and realistic. I’m so chuffed with them!

Margaret, Bristol

My lips look fuller and look enhanced. Ursula knows what she’s doing.

Thea, Bristol

I had my lip liner and eyebrow done. Not only do they look good, I feel good and am receiving compliments from friends and even co-workers.

Theresa, Bristol

After breast cancer I felt insecure. I felt secure for the first time in Ursula’s company as she is respectful and understanding. She tattooed beautiful areolas. Ursula is careful and knowledgeable and her work is beautiful. Thank you.

Emma, Bristol.

I had a scar on my right eyebrow and Ursula managed to cover it and balance out both the eyebrows and now I feel prettier.

Julia Bristol







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I can also perform an emergency removal where the work has been done in the last 48 hours.