Cosmetic Tattoos in Bath

Welcome to Cleo’s Clinic. I provide a professional, positive, caring place where your feelings matter, and where you are valued. I take pride in my work, and in helping people feel confidant and beautiful. Every client is unique to me, and every medical tattoo or piece of semi-permanent makeup I create is unique too. From my welcoming tattoo clinic, I perform cosmetic tattoos in Bath, for clients throughout the South West area.

Contact me to arrange an initial consultation, and talk with me about what your needs are for a cosmetic tattoo.

Cosmetic Tattoos in Bath


Semi-permanent Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo in progress


Stretch mark Camouflage Cosmetic Tattoo, before and after



Unique to you

Each tattoo I produce is tailor-made to complement your unique skin tone and features for a look that is natural, attractive and enhances your beauty. I firmly believe that while this industry is becoming increasingly popular, results cannot be taken for granted. Achieving the desired results requires a highly skilled and experienced practitioner. I only use the most advanced equipment, while always maintaining a safe and sterile environment.


Helping you feel at ease

The decision to have a cosmetic tattoo is one of the biggest choices you can make. Many people spend months deciding on the perfect technique and location. My priority is putting your mind at ease and to help you to feel safe and comfortable. In this way you can make an informed choice about your cosmetic tattoo, and have realistic expectations about the results. If you are looking to get a cosmetic tattoo in Bath, contact me today.




How do cosmetic tattoos work?

This is a process of placing pigment into the skin using a small handheld machine, and it is considered a tattoo. These pigments can last a few months, years or indefinitely, depending on placement, skin tone, and the intensity of colour used. Lighter skin tones do not hold the colour as well as darker skin tones and may require an occasional touch up to prolong the results of the procedure.

The treated area will initially appear darker, brighter and bolder. During the healing period a fading will occur, which can be up to 50%, and then the colour will return again when the tattoo is healed completely.


Semi - permeant lip Tattoos in Bath






As a specialist in cosmetic tattoos in Bath I will make sure that you are completely happy with your proposed tattoo. During the consultation we will decide the area of placement and discuss the colours together. We shall also discuss and sign all relevant forms and how to take care of the tattoo, before we begin the tattooing itself. I will always use a numbing cream, and I shall ensure this takes effect fully before commencing work.


Cosmetic tattoos are ideal for:

  • Asymmetrical features - lips, eyes, eyebrows, areola, and other parts of the body
  • More/less definition - different looks can be achieved
  • Colour neutralisation or correction
  • Scar camouflage
  • Skin camouflage (due to pigment loss)
  • Stretch mark camouflage
  • Areola restoration
  • Hair loss camouflage
  • Tattoo removals and cover-ups

Each tattoo is tailor-made to complement your unique skin tone and features for a look that is natural, attractive and enhances your beauty.

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Semi-permanent make-up

I provide cosmetic tattoos in Bath including semi-permanent make-up. If you wish to save money and time on makeup in the long term, a finely detailed cosmetic tattoo will give an effect of lips, eyebrow hairs, lash lines, eyeliner, or mimic head hair or facial hair as desired.






Help with existing tattoos

If you have an existing tattoo you are not happy with, I can help with colour correction, touching it up, or removing it altogether if you prefer. I can also perform an emergency removal where the work has been done in the last 48 hours. Whether this is a cosmetic tattoo or an artistic one, I am here to help you achieve the result you want. 





Why come to Cleo’s Clinic?

  • Very precise, detailed work
  • Full consultation and advice
  • Hygienic, welcoming studio
  • LGBT friendly
  • Non-binary friendly
  • Understanding and compassionate




Ursula made me feel very comfortable and safe, as I was very nervous about needles. She explained the whole procedure including the numbing procedure which was very effective. I highly recommend her.

Ashley, Bristol.




Where To Find Us

1st floor, Waterloo House, Dominion Road, Twerton, Bath, BA2 1DW

Please only arrive if you have an appointment.

Cosmetic Tattoos in Bath







I was apprehensive about having my areola done due to scarring, but Ursula took the time to explain the procedure and answered all of my questions. I felt very relaxed during the procedure and I am very happy with the results: you can barely tell they are tattooed. They look soooo realistic.

Alison, Bristol



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Contact me today if you are interested in having a cosmetic tattoo in Bath, or if you require tattoo removals. Call Ursula on 07534 141 091 , or use our booking system to arrange a consultation.

I can perform emergency tattoo removals where the work has been done in the last 48 hours.